family story born in 1988…


Welcome to Taverna Mr. O

It was 1988 and the entrepreneurial dream of Roberto Nardi and Luigina Casanova was to have a bar. The succession of fortunate meetings and events have made sure the birth of “The Kambusa” brewery. The success of that club, frequented by many generations of people, has been so high that today, almost 30 years after opening, it is still remembered with nostalgia by the costumers of the time.
Then, in 2000, we have grown with the “Taverna di Obelix” and now in 2009 we continue with Mr. Taverna O …

La Taverna di Mr.O

But what one should expect in entering in this place ? First of all, a warm cozy atmosphere as only wood can create, surely you will be greeted with a smile by the staff who immediately try to make you feel at home.


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Our Drinks

Our selection of biers

Who comes the Tavern of Mr. O … he is spoiled for choice. We have a wide selection of Belgian beers and a smaller selection of english ones; but to please everyone a good glass of wine never fails.


Our restaurant is polyhedric, is also provided with a dehour for the summer season, surrounded by greenery, which allows you to enjoy a moment of relax a few steps from the city center.

In the city of Pordedone we are also known for the quality of our live events, highly selected music played by many local and international artists.

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Location: Via del Maglio, 2, 33170 Pordenone PN, Italy

Phone: 0434 241590